Here's just some of what we can do together:

Build Wealth

Create Passive Income

Invest in Property

Lodge a Tax Return

Buy Stocks

Start A Business

A Safe Space For All SWers, Strippers, Creators - Of All Genders, Orientations And Identifications.


Home loans, Investment Plans, Finance Education, Strategic Planning, And Much More.

Morgan Owen, Founder of Penny Collective, is an expert in all things loans, mortgages, finance and personal cash flow. She is a young, energetic, driven entrepreneur who challenges the status quo and finds it very hard to take no for an answer. A planner and organiser at heart, a thinker, a solution finder, Morgan uses her empathy as her superpower to connect and inspire those around her and to get results, plan for success and build financial independence. 

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Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent

Lauren Thiel actually IS an accountant 😉 Tweaking numbers by day and shaking ASSets by night, she knows the business well. 
Lauren Thiel is founder of boutique accounting firm, The Real Thiel. A Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent with a passion for the arts, Lauren is on a mission to educate, empower and motivate everyone working in the creative industries.
Lauren may very well be the only accountant we know who can also do the entire ‘Single Ladies’ dance routine!

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Why Seek Help With My Money?

You're Good at what you do; You already know how to MAKE money, but do you know how to invest that money to give you financial freedom, long after retirement from sex work?
Sex work is an incredible, life-changing opportunity... But there aren't many resources helping you to make the most of what you make in your time in it.
Whether you're in SW for a lifelong career, a few years to get ahead, or if sex work is crisis work for you, we can help you!
Here's how:

  • Build your Wealth
  • Invest In Property & Stocks
  • Plan Ahead For Your Business
  • Take Control Of Your Tax
  • Investment Plans
  • Buy Commercial Property
  • Get A Small Business Loan
  • Set Up & Understand Your Superannuation
  • Cover Yourself
  • Achieve financial Peace Of Mind
  • In Sickness And In Health
  • Finance Education
  • Strategic Planning
  •  Get Into Property Development

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Money Before The Honey Podcast

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